: Så nära får ingen gå

I was not the perfect one of the two of us. But I was good enough for you. And that made me happier than I ever had been. Finally I was worth somebodys attention. But there, watching the sunset, something felt so wrong. I don't know what it was. I had everything I ever wanted, right there. And I knew exactly what to do to get it. Yet, I didn't do it. I still ask myself why, but the answer is still the same: "I don't know why". And I still do the same thing. Over and over again. I simply deny myself from doing certain things for no particular reason at all. And that's just stupid, so fucking stupid. And I don't know if I should blame myself, because these things that I deny myself from doing, is in fact everything I want to do.

(Ibland är engelskan det enda sättet jag kan uttrycka mig på..)

Avsändare: Sofia

I know the feeling alldeles för väl.

2010-01-13 @ 22:25:44
URL: http://sofiabystrom.blogg.se/
Avsändare: Sofia

Ja, jag behöver egentligen Kent och Göteborg NU!

Du vara fin ja-a!

2010-01-13 @ 22:28:11
URL: http://sofiabystrom.blogg.se/
Avsändare: Emil

How the hell can you write something like that?! I where thinking those word, exactly those words in swedish. Who are you and how did you get inside my head?

2010-01-15 @ 13:42:36
URL: http://kvadrater.blogg.se/

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